Monday, September 7, 2009

Organic waste collection in North Carolina

Most areas of the U.S. don't have curbside collection of organic waste as part of their municipal service. However, there are innovative haulers all over that are beginning to collect organic waste from businesses. These haulers not only help businesses reduce their waste bills, and give compost facilities necessary feedstocks, but they demonstrate the need for organics collection -- communities want to make more environmentally sound choices, and these haulers are giving more options.

Near Asheville, North Carolina, Danny's Dumpster (left) is offering organics collection to businesses. It began operations in 2007 out of the back of a 1985 Toyota van, serving residents in Madison County as the only trash and recycling hauler in the area. Danny's Dumpster now picks up trash, recyclables and organics from over 40 customers,
including Park Ridge Hospital and the University of North Carolina Asheville

The organics are taken to Crowell Farm, a former dairy farm that accepts
yard trimmings, manure, food scraps (including meat), food soiled paper/cardboard products, and more. Danny's Dumpster was recently featured in a local ABC news video.

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